Ponies 4 You - Pony Rides & Parties! | Rates
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All Services Are By Appointment Only.

Private Pony Ride on Farm

Perfect for small groups of a few children.

Pony rides are a fun way to introduce children to animals and the joys of horseback riding.  It’s also a great way to entertain the already pony crazy kid!

All prices are for leading the pony yourself, training is provided.

If you would like, a pony wrangler can be provided to you for an additional $25 to lead the pony.

1/2 hour pony ride – $45.00

1 hour pony ride – $60.00

Pony Parties

Pony parties are great for birthdays and any occasion!

The 2 pony party is great for around 8 – 10 kids, while the 2 pony + bouncy castle party can accommodate larger groups of up to 30 kids.

Extra ponies can be provided at an additional cost of $50.00 per hour with a volunteer pony wrangler from your group or $25.00 per hour if we supply a pony wrangler for you.  Pony handling training is provided to all volunteers.

At Our Farm

2 Pony Party

1 Hour – $200

2 Hour – $250

3 Hour – $325

4 Hour – $400

At Your Location

2 Pony Party

1 Hour – $225

2 Hour – $325

3 Hour – $425

4 Hour – $525

Travel Fee to Your Location

$1.50 per kilometer – 1 way only from our location to yours.

We travel from our farm at 1441 200th Street, Langley, BC.

All applicable taxes and bridge tolls will apply.  Please submit mileage on your inquiry form.