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Pony Rides & Parties

Any day is a great day for a pony ride!

Are you planning a birthday party, school fun day, church or community party, family friendly corporate or media event?


Fill out our form to inquire about pony rides at your event! We even do school field trips, groups, and clubs at our farm in South Langley!


We come to your location or you come to ours! We have well groomed ponies that are ready to ride and our friendly pony wranglers are always ready for a party!

Pony party at our place!

You are welcome to bring food, games, crafts, decorations, and piñata’s are always fun to the farm for on site parties.  It’s your party, please feel free to bring whatever you like.


We give you 1/2 hour before to setup and 1/2 hour after your party to clear out

Pony Wranglers

At our location 1 attendant is provided to walk 1 pony for 2 hours.  The other pony will be your responsibility to walk for the whole 2 hours.


We will train your volunteers on proper pony handling techniques with safety at the forefront.  If you are not comfortable with pony handling, wranglers are available for $25 per hour.


We have some helmets on site,  but we encourage you to use your own for obvious hygiene reasons.

Why is pony riding the best possible way to spend a day?

This is the perfect opportunity to let your child gain confidence.


Perfect for the first time rider or the tiny tots. Let them explore their love of ponies.


If you are not confident that you can handle leading a pony, we can provide a handler for additional cost.


Don’t forget to pack a camera!